Azimut Global is Mexico’s leading provider of land-cargo transportation custody services to the logistics industry. We have the necessary resources, innovative approach, and industry-specific expertise to help your organization reduce risk and manage your cargo while this is being transported in Mexico.


Mexico City
Houston, Tx
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How does it work?
Azimut Global will escort your cargo from point to point until it is delivered to the final destination. Our guards and monitoring team are trained and equipped with the most recent technology to keep both, driver and fleet safe, reducing the risk of your cargo from being stolen or vandalized while it is transported in Mexico. This and increases fleet efficiencies, reduces insurance costs and brings other operating benefits.
If you are handling third party cargo, Azimut Global services are a value added service helping reduce your business liability exposure.


Compliance with your insurance company
Azimut Global meets al the standards and requirements established by the main insurance companies in the world. We work hand in hand with your insurance company to provide all the information for insurance claims in the event of physical loss or damage to the cargo.


Customer Support
Technical support is available 24/7 plus specialized broker support is available during regular business hours.


If you would like to talk to us about our services, for advice, or to arrange a consultation please get in touch via our contact form. One of our security specialists will contact you asap to address your questions.